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Shandong University (SDU) held the commencement ceremony and welcome party for freshmen in the central campus gymnasium on Sept. 19. Chairman of the SDU Council Guo Xinli attended the ceremony and gave awards to winners of Excellent Freshman Scholarship. President Fan Liming was also in attendance and delivered a speech.

Seated in the rostrum are the deputy mayor of Jinan Wang Guiying, class of 1987 alumnus and CEO of Everbright Securities Zhou Jiannan, representatives of distinguished faculty, Professor Sun Kangning from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor Yang Xinhui from the School of Management, Cheung Kong Scholar and Professor Chen Zengjing from the School of Mathematics, Professor Zhang Huanshui from the School of Control Science and Engineering, Professor Du Zexun from the School of Literature, Professor Gao Chengjiang from the School of Basic Medical Science, Professor Liu Senlin from the School of Philosophy and Social Development, university heads Tong Xinghua, Chen Xiangyang, Chen Zijiang, Cao Shengyuan, members of the CPC Standing Committee at Shandong University Chen Hongwei and Sang Xiaomin, Assistant to the President and Dean of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Xing Zhanjun. Tong Xinghua hosted the ceremony.

The opening ceremony started with the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China. Next, Chen Xiangyang announced the recipients of the Excellent Freshman Scholarship for the class of 2018 at Shandong University. Twenty students won the Excellent Freshman Scholarship this year and Guo Xinli issued certificates to them.

In his speech, alumni representative Zhou Jiannan expressed his congratulations to new students for stepping into a new stage of life. During their time in college, he encouraged them to value time and opportunity, learn the principles of personal character and the pursuit of knowledge from their teachers, and cherish the camaraderie among their classmates. Zhou shared a letter that he wrote for his daughter when she turned 18, aiming to instill in them that one’s value and attitude toward life decides everything. He hopes students will put their trust in goodness and kindness, equity and justice.

Following, faculty representative and Professor Liu Senlin shared his own experiences and insights from his time studying at Shandong University in four parts. Firstly, the foundation one lays as an undergraduate is crucial to his or her potential and position in the future. Secondly, Professor Liu encouraged students to make full use of the comprehensiveness of Shandong University and to form thinking habits in a cross-disciplinary way. Thirdly, he hoped students could increase their learning initiative and cultivate good thinking habits. Lastly, he expected students to set their life goals as early as possible.

Freshman representative Chen Dingshuo from the School of Civil Engineering also delivered a speech. Attached to the admission letter that new students received was the constitution of Shandong University, from which he knew the original aspiration of Shandong University,that is “to reserve talents for the world, and to seek prosperity for the nation”. He also learned the profound and rich history that this university carries. Faced with the future path, Chen said that he will step forward firmly, keep to his promise with diligence, and fulfill the responsibility and obligation as an SDUer.

President Fan Liming expressed her warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to new students in her speech. She said in her speech that from this moment, Shandong University is one of your labels and is going to share its glory with every one of you throughout your lifetime. Shandong University is a university with responsibility, confidence and kindness as well as a university for every student who bears a dream. Fan listed three expectations on the word “dream” for students. Firstly, orient one’s dream and cultivate patriotism. Students should be firm in their ideals and faith and undertake the task of national rejuvenation in this era, so as to enlighten the individual value in this course and to guide the dream with a sense of responsibility. Secondly, improve one’s ability to chase dreams, keep learning and practicing. Learning is the cornerstone of holding on to your dreams and achieving success. She encouraged students not only to think, but also to act. She expects students to value time for learning. Students are expected to seek the truth, understand the truth and have worldly wisdom. Students should also learn with curiosity, desire and pleasure. Thirdly, sharpen your minds and never give up. SDU students should never lose their morale, but keep a fighting spirit and positive attitude toward life at all times and become the winner in the new era.

The class of 2018 presented flowers to the representatives of experts and scholars, and expressed their high respect and sincere blessings. Six experts and scholars sent their wishes to the new students.

In "The Power of a Role Model", the scene shows the experiences and learning accomplishments of many excellent undergraduates through video. They are entrepreneurs, book-lovers, selfless rescuers, people who are dedicated to their hobbies and people who study diligently and strive untiringly. Their willingness to sacrifice and serve the country, their persistence to struggle tenaciously and their courage to start a business as well as their faith to stay true to the mission and keep down to earth deeply touched all freshmen. During the ceremony, six excellent undergraduate representatives shared their thoughts and blessings with the class of 2018.

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