Seven Professors of Shandong University Listed in Chang Jian

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On May 29, the Chinese Ministry of Education has published the list of Chang Jiang Scholars Program of 2017. Seven professors of SDU have been selected, including five Distinguished Professors and two Young Scholars. The number of SDU's newly selected Distinguished Professors in the program ranked 4th in China.
The newly selected Distinguished Professors are Liu Senlin from the School of Philosophy and Social Development, Cheng Xiangzhan from the School of Literature, Fang Hui from the School of History and Culture, Gao Chengjiang from the School of Basic Medical Sciences, and Li Juan from the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the Weihai Campus. Two professors, Zhai Kuifeng from the Advanced Institute of Confucian Studies and Zhao Han from the Reproductive Medicine Research Center, were selected as Young Scholars of Chang Jiang Scholars Program.
Chang Jiang Scholars Program is a special high-level talents program, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Li Ka Shing Foundation. Initiated in 1998, it aimed at promoting academic levels of China's universities and colleges and revitalizing China's higher education. This project composes of two parts, Distinguished Professorship and Achievement Award of Chang Jiang Scholars. Since 2011, Ministry of Education has carried out a new Chang Jiang Scholars Program, which continues the program of Distinguished Professors and Chair Professors. In 2015, the Young Scholars Program was set up, in which 200 scholars are entitled each year to support the rapid growth of young talents.

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