Shandong's Development Highlighted at Two Sessions

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Fan Liming, president of Shandong University and also a deputy of the 13th National People Congress. [Photo/]XIAMIANPINY
"We are encouraged as the 2019 Government Work Report has put forward new requirements and measures to enhance the supportive role of science and technology, speed up the growth of emerging industries and strengthen vocational education", said Fan Liming, president of Shandong University, on March 5 at the plenary meeting of the Shandong delegation, at the second session of the 13th National People's Congress, part of the two sessions in Beijing.
Fan said this year's report highlighted the quality economic development, soaring levels of innovation, and the improvement of general living standards in the province.
Fostering new growth drivers is seen as being key to China's innovative development, and Shandong province has pioneered in the conversion of new and old kinetic energy.
Shandong University, through a focus on sci-tech innovation, has taken lead in the advanced materials, smart manufacturing, information and health industries, according to Fan.
"We will continue to improve the capabilities of original innovation and achievement transfer to contribute to Shandong's development and offer high-quality sci-tech resources," she added.

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