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Recently, Clarivate Analytics released the list of Global Highly Cited Researchers 2018, in which three scholars from SDU are selected, namely Professor Huang Baibiao from the Institute of Crystal Materials (Cross-Field), Professor Dai Ying from the School of Physics (Cross-Field) and Professor Liu Hong from the Institute of Crystal Materials (Materials Science). It is also the first time that SDU scholars being selected into this list.
Huang Baibiao, Professor and Doctoral Tutor of SDU, is also a Distinguished Expert of Shandong Province. He has long been engaged in the research on semiconductor materials, energy and environmental materials. Huang has gained a series of important innovative achievements in basic research and applied research. He has published more than 450 SCI papers and these papers have been cited for more than 18,000 times, among which 48 papers are cited over 100 times. His personal h-index is 70, and 22 of his papers enter the top 1% in ESI discipline ranking.
Dai Ying, Professor and Doctoral Tutor of SDU, is also a Distinguished Expert of Shandong Province. Dai has long been engaged in the research on microstructure, property, design and control of semiconductor, as well as the research on semiconductor photocatalytic materials, semiconductor spintronics and new physical effects of new two-dimensional materials and gained a number of important achievements. 19 of her papers come into ESI High Cited Papers. Times Cited for her SCI papers are over 15,000 and personalh-index is 69.
Liu Hong, Professor and Doctoral Tutor of State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials of SDU, is the winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Liu's main research orientations are nano energy materials, tissue engineering and stem cell differentiation, intraocular lens materials and so on. Since 2004, he has published more than 200 SCI papers, among which nearly 30 papers' Impact Factor is greater than 10. The sum of Times Cited is over 13,000,h-index is 53 and more than 20 articles were selected by ESI in Web of Scienceas "Highly Cited Papers for Last 10 Years".
Based on the Web of Science data, Clarivate Analytics's Highly Cited Researchers list analyzes the citation data during the last 11 years and selects the researchers in various fields who have the most highly cited papers and are recognized by global counterparts to be the most influential in citations. Researchers in this list are considered to have eminent academic impact.

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