Modern Chinese Lexicology by Professor Ge Benyi Published

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The English version of Modern Chinese Lexicology, a lexical monograph written by the famous linguist, Professor Ge Benyi at the School of Literature of SDU, and translated by Professor Xu Dekuan, has been jointly published by the English publisher Routledge and the Commercial Press of China recently. Regarded as the first academic work of the Commercial Press-Routledge "Chinese Linguistic Series" to come out, this book marks the initial step for the achievements of Chinese linguistics studies to go global.
As China's first doctoral supervisor in modern Chinese lexicology, Professor Ge Benyi had her Modern Chinese Lexicology published firstly at 2001, a book that fully displays her core point and theory in the study of Chinese lexicology. Once published, this work has been received warmly by the academic circle and widely adopted by Chinese universities and lexical learners, and has a far-ranging impact on Chinese linguistics after two times of editing and many re-printings.
For the purpose of demonstrating the best and most recent achievements of Chinese linguistics and contributing China's share to the world linguistics study, the English publisher Routledge and China's Commercial Press jointly unveiled their Chinese Linguistics Series in 2015, planning to publish around the world the English version of a series of classic academic works written by outstanding Chinese scholars influential in China's history of linguistics study. After recommendations, selections and reviews by the two sides, Professor Ge's Modern Chinese Lexicology stood out as the first book approved by experts from Routledge for publishing. After two years of translation, the English version of this book was officially published in March of 2018, making it the first work of Chinese linguistics in the global stage.

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